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Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator Course

The training course is for maritime professionals who have successfully completed DP Induction. This also means that they have completed a 60-day (minimum) familiarization onboard a DP vessel, which is reflected in their logbook.
The course focuses on the trainees’ core skills and knowledge of the DP system. In addition, the trainees need to pass the online examination and the practical assessment. This time, the aspiring DP operators have gained a 60-day watch keeping experience, aside from the DP Induction experience.
Training delivery uses theoretical discussion and exercises in a simulated environment. The practical exercises include the operation of the DP system and application of emergency procedures while introducing errors, faults, failures and alarms. A Certificate of Completion (COC) is earned at the end of the course.

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher and Competency Assessment Course

The DP Refresher and Competency Assessment Course is intended for those maritime professionals who have been issued an NI DPO Certificate and are required to refresh their knowledge about DP or need to complete further DP simulator scenarios because they are on operating on DP 24/7.

The overall course aim is to update the DPOs with the principles of Dynamic Positioning (DP), DP operations, DP watch keeping “best practice”, DP emergencies, latest rules and regulations, position references and sensors, known DP incidents and lessons learned.

Participants will be required to undergo practical scenarios in order to prove that they are able to plan and execute DP operations. This will include risk assessment, contingency planning, toolbox talk and the assessment of vessel capability. During this process they will be required to recognize and respond correctly to a variety of alarms, warnings and information messages which could lead to catastrophic failure.

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Revalidation Course

The DP Revalidation course is intended for certified DPO’s who have not accumulated 150 days of DP sea time over the last 5 years since the issue of his/her DP certificate.

The DP Revalidation is composed of an equal split between theory and practical exercises. Theory may be used to support the practical exercises either as a briefing, a de-briefing or for demonstration purposes and theoretical discussions. The practical exercises will cover the operation of the DP system while introducing errors, faults, failures, alarms and applying emergency procedures. This course may be taken 6 months prior expiry of the DPO’s certificate and will be valid for 12 months. Within 12 months after completion of the DP Revalidation Course, the DPO must be able to revalidate his certificate.

If the participant is completing the course for the first time, there is no minimum DP sea time requirement.

If the participant is completing the course for a second or subsequent time, a minimum of 28 days DP sea time will be required to revalidate. This DP time may be completed prior to or after the revalidation course.

The aim of the course is to enable the DPO to revalidate his DP certificate through the completion of this course. The course is intended for those who have already been issued a DPO certificate from NI but are unable to revalidate their DPO certificate due to insufficient DP sea time. The overall course aim is to update the DPO’s with the latest rules and regulations, position references and sensors, known DP incidents and lessons learned.